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Want to know a secret? Bitcoin is Easy!


I am a big fan of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. It is part of our future. I want to help you, and as many people as possible get into Crypto and I hope you will become a fan. Why? Because I am into Cryptocurrency and it has changed my life.

Cryptocurrency won’t make us millionaires, not us, not ordinary people who have £100 or even £1000 to spend. But it may well like us some money, it will definitely be fun, and it will make us feel part of an exclusive club.

Okay if you become a millionaire, that’s great, seriously I will be so pleased for you. But just please, please don’t expect it. In fact you should be ready to see your investment shoot down as well as up. That’s why I buy a new currency for the long-term. I don’t trade. I tried that with Forex, and she lost all of her investment.

So, if crypto isn’t gonna make you a millionaire, and may even make you poorer, why on earth would you touch it? Well, I guess it’s best if I only speak for myself here. I first bought Bitcoin in 2017. It was in the news, people had turned hundreds into millions overnight. I had to get in on the action. Of course I haven’t become a millionaire, but I have become obsessed with Crypto for 3 BIG reasons:

1. I have made the biggest return of my life on Bitcoin and Ethereum. I have paid off my mortgage and I am taking time-off work to be with my 1 year daughter full-time.

2. It has been fun. It is exciting learning a new technology and researching new coins. In March 2020 there were an estimated 5100 crypto currencies worth 231 billion.

3. This is a bit off the wall, but it makes me feel safe. My wallet is a backup plan. It is there in case something huge goes wrong in the US or globally. It isn’t that far-fetched. In the last few years the pound has dropped dramatically due to the Brexit vote, and Covid 19 has revealed how vulnerable we are and how unprepared our governments are for a pandemic.

How to stay safe - avoiding Bitcoin scams

First things first, if you are going to start buying or earning Cryptocurrencies you need to do it safely. You have probably already started searching for ‘Bitcoin‘ and maybe even clicked on some ads. Even if you haven’t, more ads are  going to start to showing up when you are browsing. And at some point you are going to get a Bitcoin Scam email. Learn about common scams and how to spot them.