Earn Cryptocurrency for FREE with Brave Browser

You can earn cryptocurrency right now just by downloading a browser called Brave! Just by using Brave you earn rewards in Basic Attention Token (BAT), which you can sell for cash or convert to Bitcoin with a few clicks. Whats more Brave is 3 times faster than Chrome, uses 35% less battery on mobile and has better privacy than FireFox.

Here's how it works

Browsers track and sell your data. According to INSIDER many browsers track users’ location and identify and share details of your browsing history with the companies that own them.

Microsoft Edge and Yandex are the worst offenders, but FireFox, Chrome, and Safari routinely share user data. INSIDER note that the data is anonymized but research has shown that it can be ‘de-anonymized’ with a few extra data points about you. The only browser that doesn’t allow user tracking is Brave. They also block 3rd-party data-grabbing ads, and trackers making the browser super fast.

For all that privacy you can also earn Crypto. Turn on Brave Rewards so you can earn BAT for viewing privacy-respecting ads. You can spend your turn your BAT into cash or Bitcoin or you can pay it forward by supporting content creators on Brave.

Start earning BAT NOW!

Go to brave downloads. There are downloads available for Windows 64 and 32-bit, macOS and Linux. Once Brave is installed you can enable rewards during the ‘Welcome Tour’ or you can enable them later by typing brave://rewards into the address bar or by clicking on the triangle icon on the right hand side of the address bar.

Brave rewards settings

You won’t get a second income earning Brave rewards, but it is a nice way to protect your privacy and earn some Cryptocurrency on the side.

You can increase your earnings by increasing the number of ads you see per hour. Click on Ad Settings and select up to 5 ads per hours.

How to change the number of ads you are shown in Brave browser Rewards

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