No! Martin Lewis didn’t make millions with your Bitcoin Scam!

Warning! Bitcoin scam alert. This one says Martin Lewis made millions using Bitcoin System. He didn’t. This is just another celeb scam.

Bitcoin scam interview of Martin Lewis

Yesterday I received an email letting me know that Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert fame, made millions simply by doing something.

Martin Lewis is the founder of A website dedicated to helping people cut costs. I thought the email was a bit odd, but I subscribe to their newsletter so I assumed the email was from them. I opened it and clicked a link.

A website called came up with an interview supposedly between a journalist and Martin Lewis. I quickly became suspicious at the mention of something called Bitcoin System. I wouldn’t be suprised if Martin Lewis owns Bitcoin, but trading Cryptocurrencies just doesn’t seem on brand. It is too risky, a way to lose money fast, not save it. I skimmed the ‘interview’ and learned that for a small investment, an example is given of £250, a robot would trade BTC for me, and generate massive returns.

I then clicked around on, which looks like a news site, and every link took me to the same page flogging Bitcoin System – so far so scammy.

Bitcoin System Scam Website
It had to be a scam. Look at the AI driven predictions at intotheblock, their robot only right between 40 and 60% of the time. Certainly not enough to see the returns Bitcoin System promised. Also, why would any business offer this service for such a small investment? They would lose money on their electric bills alone. I did some googling and found this Which article. Bam! It is a scam! This is how it works:
  1. You sign up, and quickly see high returns.
  2. At some point you decide to take your cash out.
  3. Bitcoin System say ‘yes sure, just pay us our admin fee of 5k’.
  4. This seems a bit steep, but you pay as you have 50k returns.
  5. Then you wait, and wait. Nothing happens.
  6. Slowly it dawns on you – the returns were fake – the whole thing was fake, and they have 5k of your money.
These scams come in many celebrity endorsed flavours, from Peter Jones of Dragon’s Den to Simon Cowell, Sir James Dyson, Lord Sugar and Holly Willoughby. As always, if it seems too good to be true it is! The only safe way to get BTC is to buy it through a provider like Coinbase. 5 easy ways to spot Bitcoin scam emails  

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